Puffer jackets are in style this season. But if the thought of donning one conjures up images of the Michellin Man, then these tips will definitely help you rock the look.

Since puffer jackets add volume to your body, taking some time to style them for your shape is imperative. Follow these tips to get the look right.

Choose the right piece

You definitely need to take your figure into account when choosing a puffer jacket. For example, if you have a slim, athletic figure or a pear-shaped body, a cropped puffer jacket will highlight your waist and enhance your bust. However, if you’re more of an apple or are curvy, a longer length jacket will work best. For those of us who have hourglass figures, try a puffer vest instead.

Consider colour in your choice

If you’re concerned about how this type of jacket will look on your body, then opt for a dark hue such as black, navy or charcoal. Another classic choice is brown or tan, plus these colours will go with almost anything in your wardrobe. Lighter and brighter colours are definitely eye-catching, so go for these if you want to draw attention.

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Balance your look

Because puffer jackets are voluminous, you will need to balance your look by pairing it with fitted pieces. For instance, wear a puffer with a pair of skinny jeans and pumps. Another option is to wear your jacket over a fitted dress, tights and knee-high boots.

Tips for wearing a puffer jacket

  • Make sure you choose a jacket that fits perfectly – too small and you won’t be able to move freely, too large and it will look baggy.
  • Add texture to your look with knits, faux fur and leather. A fur hood is always a chic choice.
  • Layer your look carefully. Opt for thin layers that are slightly longer for a figure-flattering look.
  • Draped scarves, hats and boots also lend a stylish touch to your outfit.