Not everyone has the space to leave all their clothes out throughout all the four seasons.  Small wardrobes and tiny apartments hinder the ability to keep your winter clothing constantly accessible.
The proper storage of winter clothing during the summer months not only frees up space in your bedroom and wardrobe, but also gives you a clean and fresh start to dressing when the winter cold sets in again.
Remember that the more organised you are about packing away your winter clothes, the easier and the more pleasant it will be when you unpack it all again as winter approaches.
1.  Clean your winter clothing prior to storing it
Wash and/or clean your winter clothes before packing them away for several months. This will help repel any infestation by pests and will also reduce stains that would be set in if left on the clothing for the storage duration.
2.  Find a suitable container to hold your winter clothes
Here are some suggestions for suitable storage containers for winter clothing:
Garbage bags offer an inexpensive option and provide a moisture barrier. They can, however, be easily punctured and are not the best option for keeping clothes neatly folded.
Cardboard boxes are an option but might not be resistant to moisture or pests.
Plastic totes with zips make great storage containers if moisture or pests are a concern.
Vacuum storage bags are another compact winter clothing storage option.
Travel luggage – if you are not planning to use your travel luggage for a summer holiday, you can store your clothes inside suitcases until the autumn arrives.
3.  Sort like items of winter clothes into the same container
To make unpacking the containers easier next year, place all your sweaters in one container and all your heavy pants in another. Continue through your winter wardrobe in such a fashion until everything has been stored away.
4.  Keep your winter clothes fresh and ensure pests stay away by adding one of these recommended items
Keep your clothing fresh and pest free with a few mothballs, a fabric softener sheet, or small cedar blocks. Lining the container with acid-free paper will also help protect your winter clothes in storage.
5.  Find a practical storage place for your clothing containers
Once in an appropriate container, find a practical place to store your winter clothes. While you will want your containers to be out of your way, you will want the location to be easily accessible once autumn approaches.

Some containers are suitable to slide under a bed, couch or other piece of furniture. A storage unit, attic, or your wardrobe floor are also places to consider. If youâ??ve stored your winter clothes in boxes, and have nowhere to put them, drape a cloth over them and create an attractive and innovative homemade table.

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