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The chances of you developing breast cancer are increased under the following conditions:

  1. You are over 50 years of age
  2. You do not have any children
  3. You gave birth to your first child late in life
  4. You have relatives who have suffered from breast cancer
  5. You have had a late menopause
  6. You have already had biopsies
  7. Atypical cells have been found on a biopsy


Breast cancer can present itself in many different ways, but here are the classis signs: Lump in a post menopausal woman, skin changes such as ‘dimpling’ or indentation of the skin on the breast, changes in the nipple area such as crusting or bleeding or indrawing of the nipple, as well as signs of inflammation and infection (when not breastfeeding).

Reduce your risk

Here are some ways that may help to reduce your risk of developing breast cancer.


If is believed that breastfeeding helps to clear the ductal cells, so if you have a baby of the appropriate age you may want to consider breastfeeding.

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Cardiovascular exercise done approximately three hours weekly can reduce your risk of getting breast cancer by about 20 percent.

Manage your weight

Fat is converted to oestrogen compounds in the adrenal glands. Manage your weight by exercising and consuming a balanced diet.

Manage your intake of alcohol

It seems that your risk of developing breast cancer increases as you consume more alcohol so be aware of how much you are consuming.

Source: Women’s Health for Life, Dr Sarah Jarvis & a team of world class women doctors

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