From counting sheep to downloading soft seashore soundtracks, the art of sleep is one most of us try to master. However, in a recent online poll done by, 46.4% of the 1500+ South African respondents said they don’t get enough sleep.

People are sleeping for four to six hours on average as opposed to the optimal seven to eight hours. Research by the South African Society of Sleep Medicine supports this, suggesting that 30-40% of adult South Africans have insomnia. Hope Bastine, resident psychologist at UK-based and leading European mattress retailer Simba – whose products are stocked exclusively in SA on – says there are some simple strategies to aid better rest; it just takes commitment and routine.

Bastine’s research shows that chronic sleep deprivation can lead to health problems like a weakened immune system, fertility issues for men and women, high blood pressure and metabolism issues leading to weight gain and ageing skin. These aren’t the only drawbacks, however. Real Madrid footballer and Simba Mattress ambassador Gareth Bale believes that a good night’s sleep is the foundation for good performance on the field. And it’s hard to disagree. A lack of sleep has been identified as the culprit for poor decision making, forgetfulness and bad co-ordination, which is detrimental to the functioning of our day-to- day lives.


Some of the main factors preventing South Africans from sleeping included:

  • A snoring partner
  • A crying baby needing feeding
  • Stress & anxiety
  • A tired mattress and uncomfortable pillows
  • Too many trips to the toilet
  • Social media
  • The heat and mosquitoes

Luckily, Bastine has numerous tips for a peaceful night’s rest:

Ensure the bedroom is as dark as possible and at a comfortable temperature Wear pyjamas made from pure materials like cotton.

In-scent- ivise good slumber with essential oils and air-purifying plants like jasmine and aloe vera ‘Beditate’ to quiet the mind before you rest.

Invest in a good mattress

A good mattress is not just a luxury, it’s a necessity. On a quest to create the perfect mattress, Simba used data from ten million sleepers at the US Sleep to Live Institute to ensure it provides the perfect night’s rest to 95% of all sleepers. In doing so, it developed the five S’s that inform the manufacturing of its five-layer Fusion® mattress:

A temperature regulating Sleep Surface that provides freshness and dryness while you sleep Support – with a unique material with the cooling properties of soy bean balm.

Top quality Spring power with 2500 unique springs that adjust individually as you move Visco memory foam that moulds to the body Shape, ensuring a mattress tailored for each individual The Seventh Heaven support base with seven different zones to ensure a perfect night’s sleep

Additionally, the Fusion® mattress arrives in a compact box for added convenience and easy manoeuvring around the house. Simply open the box, place the mattress on the bed and watch it expand to the correct size, whether it’s a single, double, queen or king bed for *R4 495, *R5 699, *R6 499 or *R7 499 respectively.

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Julie-Anne Walsh, Chief Marketing Officer at says the customer-centric e-commerce company is proud to stock Simba Mattresses, “Sleep is such a central part of people’s lives, it makes perfect sense for us to provide our customers with access to state-of- the-art mattresses that are proven to enhance the quality of rest. Shopping for a mattress has never been so convenient: people simply need to select their perfect Simba mattress size via our online store then it gets delivered to their door in a nifty compact box.”

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