Curious about what insanely expensive fashion items the super wealthy are buying? We went snooping around in all the famous auction houses and we wish we hadn’t.

From socks to bikinis, we’re counting down the most outrageous and expensive fashion buys that the super-rich have bought…

Ever wondered how the other half lives?

I have, and to be honest, I regret ever finding out. We all know the rich like to spend their “hard” earned money on expensive yachts: long vacations and of course a summer home adjacent to the ocean.

Unfortunately, that is not what this list is about. These 10 most expensive fashion pieces are items we all have in our closet – we just bought ours at a much more reasonable price.

Get ready for the truly outrageous as we count down the 10 most expensive fashion out there

10. A pair of socks

As we edge closer and closer to winter, socks become a real focal point in our lives. And there are people who take their sock game very seriously. So seriously, that they’re willing to fork out R15 000 on a pair of limited edition, Falke pure vicuna fabric socks.

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Vicunas are South American animals – closely related to llamas. They produce a fine wool-like fabric that can only be shorn three times a year, and vicunas cannot be farmed. Basically, you better not lose a pair of these.


9. A belt

They say you can tell a lot about a man by his shoes and belt. And at a staggering R3.1 million for this limited edition Gucci belt, he better talk sweet nothings to me all night long. The 30 carat diamond belt has a platinum buckle and monogrammed Gucci leather.


8. A pair of ill-fitting jeans

For R15 million, these jeans better give me a Kardashian bum, Beyonce thighs and Nicki Minaj waist!

The Secret Circus Clothing Company came up with these diamond bedazzled jeans a decade ago, and their record for most expensive jeans still stands. Here they are on the left in the image below. They feature around 26 carats in diamonds, but I still think the embellished jeans from MRP (on the right) are nicer…