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Between work and home life, we’re always pressed for time; and therefore, are in search of ways to do things better, faster, and more efficiently…

Unfortunately, someone has yet to invent a robot who can do all our grocery shopping and turn it into a healthy gourmet meal. So for now, we have to rely on the tools we have to make it all happen without breaking a sweat and apps are one way of doing just that.

With the help of Stephen Billingham, President of the South African Chefs’ Association, we’ve created a list of foodie apps to save you time and money. Stephen offers up some of his favourite apps that can budget and keep track of time as well as keep you up to date with seasonal ingredients and how to store them.

Apps to help you shop

RShopping List

This powerful shopping app allows you to arrange your grocery lists by stores. So if you were flicking through the weekly catalogues and saw a great deal on tomato sauce, washing powder and peanut butter at one store, but another has a great deal on meat and toothpaste, you can load these into the app with their prices and arrange them under the stores’ names. Then you won’t forget who was offering a discount on your home basics.

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If you enable the location settings and load your store’s address, the app will send you a notification about the items you have on your list for that specific shop. The location search is powered by Google Maps, so you don’t even need to manually key in the address.

Cost: Free for Android users


The increase in VAT means we all have to do a little bit more to make our money go further each month, and the SanpnSave app is just one way to do that. Once you’ve got the app and signed up, you can start scrolling through the different offers on the app. If you see something you like, book it and you’ll have 48 hours to get to a store to buy it.

Using the app, snap a pic of your till slip with your product purchase and load it. SnapnSave will then send the cash discount to your in-app wallet. When you want to cash-in on your savings, simply head to the ‘Wallet’ tab and hit ‘Cashout’. You can either EFT the cash to your South African bank account, generate a WiCode that can be used at selected stores to pay for groceries, or send it to your WeChat wallet.

Cost: Free for Android and iOS users


Apps to help you cook

Kitchen Calculator

No matter how experienced you are in the kitchen, everybody needs this app. The Kitchen Calculator will save you the mental headache of trying to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius or ounces to grams. It can convert between most common imperial and metric measuring units to save you time while baking or cooking.

Got a four-serving recipe for a delicious stew, but need two extra helpings for your dinner party? The Kitchen Calculator will also help increase (or reduce) the amount of ingredients needed for any recipe within seconds.

Cost: R12,99 for Android users and $0,99 for Kindle users


Do you often have a lot of pots simmering away all at once? Then this app is for you! This timer doesn’t just let you time one pot but gives you four timers for each stove plate, and another for the oven. Genius! Now there’s no need to worry about overcooking, undercooking or burning your food.

Cost: Free for Android and iOS users


Whether you’re a confident cook or kitchen newbie, the SideChef is a great little tool to have in the kitchen. Each recipe on the app has been created to include a step-by-step guide that includes either a video or photos. As you progress through each step, the app will pause as you chop up your onions.

There’s even an automatic timer, so you’ll know when you need to take the pasta off the boil or when you need to turn a steak. Worried about getting egg on your screen while you’re baking? SideChef has a voice command option, so you don’t have to get your phone all grubby as you move between the recipe’s ingredients and method.

Cost: Free for iOS users


Not sure if that puff pastry you froze last September is still safe to eat? Well, the FoodKeeper app knows that you can keep puff pastry in the freezer for up to a year. It’s an easy-to-use app that tells users how to store foods and beverages to maximise freshness and minimise food waste.

Cost: Free for iOS users


Apps to help you with meal prep


We’ve all been told that planning a week’s worth of meals can make our lives easier and save us money, but some of us never really get round to it. Stephen says that MealBoard takes the hassle out of this planning and turns this task into a piece of cake. MealBoard helps you streamline planning and shopping by allowing you to plan meals by date, create a shopping list and track what you’ve still got in your pantry. Seen a recipe on our site you love? You can import it into the app and add it to your meal plan calendar.

Cost: R51 for iOS users


Another great meal prepping app! Start out by filling in all your preferences such as your likes, dislikes, allergies, dietary requirements as well as the number of people that will be eating and for how many meals. Mealime will then generate a suggested meal plan that you can tweak using hundreds of different recipes. It also has a grocery list function that helps you determine what you’ve already got and what you still need to buy.

Cost: Free for Android and iOS users


Apps to help you find the perfect recipe

Clean & Green Eating

‘Eating clean’ is the buzz phrase on everyone’s lips at the moment and thank goodness there’s an app for it. If you want to get into this new phenomenon, but aren’t sure where to start, then try the Clean & Green Eating app. You can browse over 200 recipes that emphasise ‘green food’.

It’s ‘On hand’ feature also lets you list what you have at home and tries to match it to a recipe. It also lists the nutritional information for each recipe and you can easily share your latest creation with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. There’s also a Clean and Green Kids app!

Cost: R57 for iOS users


You’re hosting a dinner party, but one of your friends has a gluten allergy and another has just taken up veganism. Where do you even start looking for recipes that will accommodate everyone? Thankfully the people at Runtasty have got your back with a clever app that divides all its recipes into the different dietary requirements based on the ingredients.

Everything from sugar-free to low-carb is covered; just select the ‘gluten-free’ and ‘vegan’ options and Runtasty will bring up all the right recipes for your event – there’s even a vegan ‘chocolate’ mousse for dessert!

Cost: Free for Android and iOS



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