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2. Eat more veg

Yes, this might sound ‘terrible’ to you – it’s the same advice your mom gave you when you were a child.

But guess what? Your mom was right! The majority of the total food volume you eat should be veggies and fruit, if you want to lose weight and be healthy.

It’s easy too. Just put lots of veg on your plate at every meal, and eat them all. This should leave little space for the other stuff, and that’s perfect. Learn to enjoy smaller quantities of non-vegetable items, without feeling the need to pig out on them.

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If you ‘hate’ vegetables, then try to work out why. Is it because you didn’t like them when you were a child and you haven’t tried them since? Maybe learning to cook them in a different way will help you enjoy them more.

As an adult, we also need to learn to make adult decisions about our lives. We NEED to eat veggies and fruit because they help our bodies function optimally. We NEED to make healthy decisions rather than unhealthy, ‘nice’ decisions sometimes, in order to thrive.

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This doesn’t mean NEVER eating ‘nice’ unhealthy foods. It just means eating lots of veggies and less of the unhealthy stuff…

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3. Think of exercise in a new way

Exercise? Isn’t that what the military and athletes do? Does the word ‘exercise’ bring back bad memories of phys-ed classes at school?

Exercise doesn’t have to be scary. It doesn’t mean you have to go for a 10km run every morning at 5am. It doesn’t mean you have to start taking steroids and lifting weights.

Exercise is a basic requirement for our bodies to be healthy and to function optimally. An unfit body can’t lose weight effectively. You’ll feel lethargic, more stressed, and gain weight faster.

Due to the fact that most of us work behind a desk every day, we need to ADD exercise to our daily routine, make time for it. Our bodies need movement (of a strenuous nature) in order to work properly, and in order to allow you to sleep well too.

So what can you do to get sweaty daily?

  • Learn a martial art to help with self-defence and fitness
  • Join a walking/ hiking club
  • Join a climbing gym (this is actually really fun, and great exercise!)
  • Get a dog, go for a daily jog
  • Join a fun gym class that involves dancing or some sort of activity that keeps your mind distracted from the fact that you’re actually exercising!

TIP: If you haven’t committed to exercising in the past, then it would be advisable to join a class initially, to help motivate you. The group support, fun dynamic and camaraderie help to energise you and keep you motivated… try it! You might just find that you like it!

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