Last updated on May 11th, 2018 at 01:55 pm

Sometimes weight loss feels like a real uphill slog…

…and most diets require drastic (and unpleasant) changes to your lifestyle – a lifestyle you have created and enjoy.

Sometimes big changes are useful (necessary, even) but a lot of the time, making a few small changes in your life can equate to a really large result in your weight loss.

Here are five of the simplest changes you can make today to start losing weight the easy way:

1. Customise it!

Learn that you have control over what you eat AT ALL TIMES. Even when you are eating out. Just because the menu only has certain options, doesn’t mean it can’t be changed. You ARE the customer right?

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Most restaurants will help their customers by altering meals slightly to suit their requirements. So instead of a big saucy burger and fries, get a bun-less veggie burger and a side salad. Instead of fried fish, order grilled fish… you get the picture.

These are some small, simple changes that you can make while still enjoying the option of eating out with friends and family. You don’t have to stop living your life to lose weight. You just need to make smart choices wherever possible…


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