The truth behind celebrity skincare ‘secrets’

When it comes to presenting themselves in the best possible light, nobody spends more money (and time!) on making sure that their skin is in tip-top condition than celebrities. From fancy, weekly facials to chemical peels and everything in between – they do it all!

Everyone wants perfect, glowing skin

The reality is that the average woman doesn’t have the time or the money to have a facial every week, some of us can’t even afford expensive products – never mind botox! My mom is convinced that there’s no difference between affordable products such as Nivea and the more pricey ones like La Mer or Dermalogica.

Celebrity skincare “secrets”

There are far too many ‘Benjamin Buttonesque’ celebrities waltzing around Hollywood. They seem ageless! But, when quizzed about their flawless complexions, they’ll tell you that it’s their weekly ‘hot yoga’ sessions or they’ll punt whatever product they’re being paid to promote. But, we know the truth.

Find out the real deal about celebrity skincare secrets – you’ll be surprised!


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