Weight gain is sneaky! We get so comfortable with the tiny changes every day that we only really realise that things are out of control when it’s ‘too late’…

And then it always seems like such a surprise! How on Earth did the weight get there?! Have you ever had one of those moments? Maybe you’re in a changing room, and you find that you don’t fit into your usual pants size? Or that winter jacket that you haven’t worn since last season feels way more ‘snug’ than it used to!

We always want to lose weight in record time, but we often forget how long it took for the weight to get there in the first place. Our bodies work best when we give them time… and all the vitamins and minerals they need to function optimally. Weight loss over time is far more effective than a crash diet.

So what makes us gain weight over time? Yes, the usual culprit is too many calories! BUT there are a few other reasons that you could be gaining weight. Here are some of the more surprising reasons you may have gained the weight, and what to do about them.

1. Are you on steroids?

Not the body-building, bulging muscles, sports-cheating kind…

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If you’re taking anti-inflammatory medication (like prednisone) on a regular basis you may have fallen victim to weight gain, particularly around your face, back, or torso. If you’ve been on them for a while, DON’T stop cold-turkey, but see your doctor to find out about alternatives to these drugs as they can certainly contribute towards unwanted weight gain over time.

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