Damaged hair… Thinking about getting a hair-smoothing treatment? Here’s what I’ve found out

I’ve literally taken my hair to the depths of ‘hair hell’ a few times in my life and sadly, it shows. If you’re in the same boat as I am, you will know what it feels like to just want to shave all your hair off and wear a wig (I’ve done this before too!) and you will also know about spending copious amounts of money on any hair treatment that promises any of the the magic ‘R’ words… ‘restore’, ‘rejuvenate’ and ‘replenish’.

Fried and crunchy

Sounds like something off a menu. Unfortunately it’s the current look and texture of my hair. Add to that the fact that my hair is curly underneath (at the back only) and pin straight on top. Yup, didn’t exactly win the hair lottery, did I? With this unusual combo, I’m limited to how I can have my hair cut.

Keratin hair-smoothing treatments

So, I’ve been contemplating going for one of these fancy keratin hair-smoothing treatments to ‘straighten’ my hair in order for me to cut it into a bob and get rid of most of the damage. A friend told me that these keratin treatments (even though they break the bonds of your hair) are good for your hair and will make my damaged straw-like hair look glossy, shiny and amazing. I was almost sold but wanted to do some digging because when it sounds too good to be true, it usually is… right? Well, in this case the answer is not so simple.


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Here are a few things you and your hair NEED to know about hair-smoothing treatments!