Many people prefer diet drinks because they are supposed to be a healthier choice. Studies have shown, however, that they may actually be more harmful than the real thing.
Diet soft drinks contain artificial sweeteners
Recent studies have examined whether these can actually do more in the way of making you fat than to help you lose weight. While there is no conclusive evidence to suggest diet drinks can actually contribute in a major way to your weight gain, these sweeteners are thought to possibly cause other health issues to occur.
The key to drinking any type of soft drink and maintaining a certain weight is moderation
Regular soft drinks contain a lot of sugar, not unlike many fruit juices and other popular products. Limiting your consumption, diet or otherwise, can help you lose or maintain your current weight.
Other studies have shown that drinking diet soda is just as bad, if not worse in some ways than drinking regular soda. In fact, it was put right up there with eating fried foods. While the evidence of all these studies is inconclusive, there are two basic schools of thought on the subject.
One is that diet soft drinks on their own doesnâ??t actually cause weight gain
What does, however, are the dieting habits adhered to by diet soda drinkers. Have you ever watched someone order an extremely unhealthy meal in a restaurant, then try and justify their actions by drinking a diet coke?

The thought process here is typically that drinking the diet drink will offset the other calories consumed. This simply is not true.
The other school of thought is that the artificial sweeteners found in diet soft drinks affect the chemical processing and sugar levels in your body. This is believed to cause a person to eat more and gain weight as a result.
So, if you must drink diet drinks, limit what you consume
One diet drink a day is recommended. It may be healthier in some ways and bad for you in others, but one a day wonâ??t do nearly the damage drinking several will over a given period of time.
Decreasing your intake to one a day might be very difficult, but if you are looking to lose weight, youâ??ll need to do this anyway. Itâ??s all about consuming everything in moderation, and why not start with diet drinks?