Many of us look for natural or herbal weight loss products to lose weight. But do these products guarantee our safety and are they effective?
According to MedicineNet, weight loss products that claim to be natural or herbal are not necessarily safe.
Scientifically tested?

Some weight loss products are not generally scientifically tested to check that they are safe to use or that they actually work! For example, The US Government has banned the use of herbal products containing ephedra. Use of products containing this substance has been found to cause serious health problems and even death.
New weight loss products

Other products may claim to be ephedra-free but may not necessarily be safe as they may contain ingredients that are similar to ephedra.
Always seek professional advice from your medical doctor before purchasing or consuming any weight loss products. He may suggest other healthier alternatives to weight loss such as exercise and adopting a healthier eating plan, which may have no negative side effects.

Source: MedicineNet

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