We often eat with our eyes â?? weâ??re hungry, we see something and want to eat it! This can be beneficial to weight loss.
Try purchasing a few clear lunchboxes or containers to store snacks in, so the next time youâ??re hungry you can feast your eyes on whatâ??s in these containers and not feel guilty!
Fruit and vegetables
Slice up some fruit or chop up some vegetables and fill up your clear container. This will also help you meet your mineral and vitamin requirements for the day, while snacking.
Nuts and raisins
Nuts (your choice!) and raisins are also an excellent choice for healthy snacks but remember portion size here as nuts contain oils and so should not be an over indulgence.
Healthy sandwiches
You could also try make mini tuna and mayonnaise sandwiches (or other) using whole wheat bread and include lettuce or any other salad ingredients that you like. Go low on the mayonnaise and try to keep the sandwich fillings balanced with foods from the various food groups.
The more you see these healthy foods, the more likely you are to consume them. So next time youâ??re feeling peckish, reach for your clear container filled with nutritious foods, and donâ??t worry about weight gain.
Source: Myhealthnewsdaily