Apply the motto â??Out of sight â?? out of mind!â?? to food, and start losing weight. Are you thinking of that jar filled with tons of high calorie biscuits on your kitchen countertop?

Placing food in visible spots at home (usually in the kitchen) provides us with a constant reminder that it is readily available, so most likely it will be consumed first. Whether itâ??s that extra large bag of chips, the packet full of sweet treats, or a few bottles of cooldrinks â?? being able to easily see these items may tempt us to snack on them, even when we are not hungry.

Try storing these unhealthy foods in a place that is not very visible â?? at the back of the cupboard or maybe even in boxes, to use only when needed. The less you see them, the less you will be tempted to snack of them and the lesser the chances that you will gain weight.


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