We all know that exercise is a must for weight loss, but did you know that too much could have the opposite effect?

According to Dr. Marc Tinsley, a health, fitness, safety and wellness consultant in Monroeville, Pa, exercising for more than 45 minutes or so may stimulate the production of cortisol.

Cortisol is a hormone that the adrenal gland secretes in response to stress. It seems that high cortisol levels could be related to weight gain.

According to http://www.freedieting.com/, there is a link between high cortisol levels and the storage of body fat, in particular abdominal body fat. An increase in abdominal fat is unhealthy as it can increase your risk for heart disease and diabetes.

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It is important to know that cortisol does not make you fat however high levels of cortisol are just a contributing factor to the storage of abdominal fat and not the primary cause. Basically, consuming more calories than you are burning can cause you to put on weight.

 So what can be done to prevent cortisol levels from becoming too high, during exercise sessions?  Dr Marc suggests that you try doing two 30-minute sessions of exercise instead of working out for a full one hour.

Source: http://www.myhealthnewsdaily.com/