Last updated on Jan 27th, 2021 at 11:54 am

Former reserve bank governor Tito Mboweni got schooled with stinging clapbacks from Euphonik and Black Coffee, after he questioned what young people were doing with their freedom

Taking to Twitter, Tito questioned whether young people were taking the freedom they enjoy for granted, which according to him could be taken away.

“The question today is what are we doing with the Freedoms we now enjoy! Are we taking these for granted?

“Think, think!! These could be taken away from us as we tendering, dancing, partying and DJ-ing!!,” he said.

Both Euphonik and Black Coffee did not take the comments lightly, and sternly told the governor what was on their mind

“With respect I can’t believe you mentioned DJs and tenderprenuers in the same sentence. DJs do a great job of uniting this country and what we do allows people to forget, even if for the night, the senseless looting and pilaging most of your colleagues do in this country,” said Euphonik.

Black Coffee schooled Tito on the job opportunities he’s created for thousands of domestic workers all from being a DJ

“Sir Mr Governor with ‘DJ-ing’ I’ve invested @SweepSouthSA a company that has employed over five thousand women who are domestic workers and @Yoco_ZA that is helping over 20 thousand small/medium business with payment transactions. While still waiting for freedom,” he said.

Sjoe, we bet the governor didn’t see that coming!