Last updated on Jan 18th, 2021 at 01:11 pm

If youâ??d love to create a sophisticated, light and airy living room, Naseema Hazaree of Fielli, has design advice for you… 

Create a neutral foundation

Choose neutral tones which you can cleverly accent with your favourite colour.  The beauty of a living room with a neutral foundation is that it allows you to easily modify the space, using pillows, curtains and accessories to change the mood from season to season.

Select a suitable lounge suite 

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Choose a sofa or lounge suite which will comfortably accommodate your family or housemates.

If you often entertain and have the space, consider buying a large modular-type lounge suite or a set comprising two or three different sized sofas.

Invest in the best quality lounge suite you can afford. Top quality furniture is well-made, durable and will last a long time, saving you money in long run. 

And remember, before you buy a lounge suite, take accurate measurements to ensure that it fits through the door. 

Dress up the walls 

Artwork, ambient lighting, mirrors and framed photos give a space a finished look. You could use artworks to balance the colours of furniture and accessories and create a focal point in the room. 

Anchor the room 

Look for a unique coffee table. An unusual design will draw the eye into the centre of the room, creating an interesting anchor point.

Space-spacing ideas 

If you have limited space, look into ways of making the living room appear larger. Lighter furniture, metals and glossy finishes are creative lighting techniques that can help create the illusion of space.

Naseema Hazaree is the national general manager of Fielli. For more design tips from Fielli, follow them on Facebook