Home was once a place â??where you could hang your hatâ? but in todayâ??s fast-pasted world, itâ??s probably apt to say that home is where you can sit back and relax!

And what better way to relax than by sinking back into a truly comfy couch! Here are some tips from Rochester Furniture to help you choose a top quality couch… 

A solid start 

Make sure you ask what kind of wood the couch framework is made of. A quality couch frame should be constructed from A-grade industrial unknotted pine, the strongest and most durable material on offer.
The cover story
When considering the couch covering, you need to think about durability, stain-resistance and style.
One of the best choices is an industrial-strength commercial grade upholstery fabric, which is specially manufactured to withstand the wear and tear of high traffic areas.
Special treatments, such as Masterguard for example, can also be applied to ensure that fabric looks as good as new years later. 
Leather lover
If you love leather couches, youâ??ll be happy to hear that leather lasts up to five times longer than fabric! Highly durable and easy to care for, leather can be treated or â??servicedâ?? and leather panels are easily replaced if need be.
Leather comes in a variety of qualities that serve different purposes. Full grain leather and top grain leather are probably the best choices for a couch. And remember, before you buy, look for the genuine leather symbol or the term â??Genuine Leather.â?
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