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 The ideal “weight loss fridge’ is an article series dedicated to uncovering what SHOULD be in your fridge if you hope to lose weight in 2018. So much focus is placed on what you shouldn’t eat if you’re dieting, so let’s check out what you should.

Stock up on: Spices

Many people on diet complain that they mess up and eat unhealthy foods all the time because the ‘naughty’ foods TASTE so much better than the healthy food.

If you think about it from a fairly limited point-of-view, they may have a point – cheesy, greasy, saucy pizza does taste great. But that doesn’t mean healthy food can’t taste awesome too.

When one of my clients complains about the taste of healthy food, I give them a task: To learn how to cook with herbs and spices… Lose the pre-made, pre-packaged sauces and ‘cook in the bag’ options. Learn how to really play with your food and create tasty meals from natural, healthy ingredients.

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ANY food that you’re cooking can taste better with spices and herbs

And the best part? They are virtually calorie-free! So you can cook with spices (and get some nutritional benefit from them) without changing the caloric load of the meal. WOW!

It’s not even difficult to cook with spices anymore, because you can buy premixed blends of spices for whatever type of food you’re preparing.

  • Cooking fish? Use ‘fish spice’
  • Veggies? Get ‘vegetable spice’
  • Chicken? Get ‘chicken spice’
  • Other meat? Get ‘meat spice’!

There are also some delicious curry pre-mixes available which are perfect for winter, and you can adjust the spiciness to your preference.

Once you’ve mastered this technique then you can move on to learning what’s in each mix and making your own spice concoctions. You’ll be learning about cooking and eating the (tasty) results. Good deal!

Get a variety of spices into your kitchen today.

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