When you walk into your bedroom, do you feel that it is your boudoir, or is it a dumping ground for clothes with an unmade bed?…..

If you havenâ??t read the book, you are probably one of the few that havenâ??t. Itâ??s sold over 31 million copies and has surpassed Harry Potter as the fastest best seller. So where to start living the â??Grey lifeâ???

Itâ??s time to spice up your love life with a new bedroom.

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Add a touch of romance

Decorate in colours that you look good in, and that complement your complexion. Add bold cushions and a headboard for comfort and a fur throw for passion. A feature wall of wallpaper adds character and drama to a room.

You can be a romantic and have something soft or dramatic and go for black and white, or glitzy and go for a bit of bling. Wallpaper instantly brings a room to life.

Tidy up

Piles of laundry and clutter do nothing for romance in the bedroom. If you are in the process of building a new home or renovating an old one, incorporate plenty of storage. Even a small room has storage space above and down the sides of the headboard.

And while we are talking of headboards, today you can incorporate storage into the headboard or under the bed, which is perfect for a small room with limited floor space.

So get organised and start romancing.

Setting the mood

A central chandelier or sexy bedside lights are so much more enticing than harsh ceiling lights. Set the mood with candles and a touch of aromatherapy does wonders for revitalizing the libido. Make sure you tickle all the senses, from touch, smell, feel, sight and of course taste.

A matter of privacy

Your choice of window treatment for a bedroom is also important to the feel of a room.  While some prefer curtains and heavy drapes, others prefer blinds. For complete privacy you could consider a combination of both.

Not only will a layered treatment of blinds and curtains provide you with complete privacy, they will also block out noise and early morning sunlight – perfect after a night of romancing.

Finishing touches

No decor scheme would be complete without a few accessories â?? but donâ??t overdo it. Too many accessories will only serve to make the room appear cluttered.


Bathrooms donâ??t need to be clinical tiles with harsh lines. By adding a few soft finishings your bathroom should be an extension of your bedroom. A soft blind or well dressed window will add a touch of sophistication and soften the lines. Apply your perfume in the bathroom and avoid off the shelf room sprays, as they never smell as good.

Bathing is a lot more sensual than showering but if you are doing bathroom renovations and you have the room, consider a double shower.

Lighting is essential in the bathroom

Bright unforgiving light has its uses for applying make-up and finding stray hairs but is a total no-no when sauntering around naked and wanting to feel gorgeous. Make sure the light is soft and inviting â?? a dimmer in the bathroom is wonderful.


Start by clearing the clutter â?? hide it in cupboards or place it in baskets with lids, think of what Christian Grey would say about toothpaste without lids, old mouldy cosmetic bags and make-up strewn all over the counter top.

Consider a wall sticker that can be applied to your shower, tiles, mirror or walls, wallpaper also works beautifully in bathrooms and adds a sense of flair and charm to an otherwise dull space.

Towels and gowns are essential to feel fabulous. Large, soft, fluffy and stain free.

Bubbles in the bath, candles around the bath and a glass of bubbly beside it…. need I say more?

And of course donâ??t forget the tie…

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