Quit smoking and save your health

If you have just started smoking or have been smoking for many, many years, take note that it is never too early or late to stop, in order to enjoy the health benefits.

The following may be helpful if you are trying to quit:

Engage in a substitution activity

If you tend to smoke at certain times of the day, try finding another activity to engage in at this time. For example, you smoke during the early morning or late afternoon, consider going for a walk or run at this time. Distract yourself and continue doing so consistently, so that you can slowly break away from the habit.

Choose who to socialise with

Avoid socialising with other smokers when they are smoking as the scenario may tempt you to give in to a cigarette. Rather have a chat with them, when they are not smoking. Similarly, avoid smoke-filled environments and opt to go to areas where there is fresh, clean air.

Don’t give up!

Quitting any habit is very difficult indeed! There will be hurdles along the way, especially during the first few days, but stay focused and keep yourself motivated. Find a support group to join and seek advice from your doctor if necessary. You can do this!