A small bathroom requires stylish and space-saving storage space. These options tick all the boxes…

For most people, the bathroom has become a personal sanctuary. This means it’s important that the space not only functions efficiently but encourages relaxation by looking beautiful too.

Making small bathrooms work

The current bathroom interior design trend is towards smaller bathrooms, with a focus on efficiency and luxury.

The secret to making small bathrooms comfortable, and not cramped, is the efficient use of available storage space.

Drawers and dividers

Drawers are more practical than shelved cabinets and also provide easy access to stored items.  You can go a step further with your drawers by using inner dividing systems, like the ORGA-LINE system from Blum, to help create order inside the drawers.

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Space-saving cabinets

Choosing the right type of cabinetry can enhance the look and feel of your bathroom while optimising storage.

The Blum SPACE TOWER, with internal drawers, provides a neat solution for storing towels and other bathroom essentials.

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Putting mirrors to work

We all know that mirrors help make a space look bigger and brighter, so it makes sense to put them to work in a small bathroom.

Mirror wall cabinets are great because they help create the illusion of a bigger space and also provide functional storage space. However, over time those hinges can rust.

Investing in high-quality opening systems will ensure that the components work perfectly for a long time and won’t rust. The Blum AVENTOS HK-XS is a lift system that fits neatly into shallow wall cabinets and lifts the cabinet front up and out of the way.