It doesnâ??t have to become an expensive proposition to incorporate the principles of Feng Shui into your interior decorating adventures.

In some homes that have been decorated without the consideration of this ancient Chinese art, there is a decided lack of warmth.

As a result, visitors to your home do not feel comfortable. The â??chiâ? is lacking in the overall scheme of decorating and this is the universal life force within the home that connects those inside to the environment.

Feng Shui adds warmth to your home

Feng Shui involves the use of the five elements of fire, wood, water, earth and metal. You should incorporate a combination of all five in your interior decorating efforts.

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Bright rooms add a “fire element”

Having bright colours in the rooms of your home is one way in which you can bring the element of fire into the house. This does not necessarily mean that you need to have every wall painted a very bright colour. It means that you can have contrasting items that are bright so that they bring out the essence of all the other colours.

Triangular and diamond shapes in objects, artwork and frames for photos will also give you the elements of fire without having to completely redecorate.

Earth tones ground body and spirit

The use of earth tones in the colour scheme will provide you with the elements of earth that you need in Feng Shui. Such elements help to ground the body and the spirit in the home.

Horizontal shapes for tables and decorative items and the placement of furniture in proportion to the size of the room is one way in which you can accomplish this.

Metal is an important element too

You can achieve metal by having artwork and picture frames made of metal, but you can also use metallic colours in your overall colour scheme. Paintings and ornaments placed around the room will also help you achieve this effect.

Sounds of falling water add a peaceful atmosphere

You can combine the two elements of metal and water by having a water fountain of some type in your home. Falling water helps to bring a feeling of peace and contentment in any room of the home.

Wall fountains that are edged in metal are wonderful decorations to have in a bedroom to help you fall asleep easily and in the foyer to provide a welcome for visitors.

Fresh flowers bring positive energy

Fresh flowers in each room of the home will provide your home with positive energy and help to bring a sense of nature to the interior of your home. Flowers will also provide a pleasant aroma.

Decluttering your home is important for free flow of energy

Decluttering your home is another aspect of Feng Shui that will help your give home a more welcoming atmosphere. In order for the positive energy (chi) to flow, there must be enough room for it to flow freely throughout.

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