Want to ripen avocados faster, delay the ripening process?
If you want to delay the ripening of avocados, leave them on the tree as long as possible as they only ripen (soften) after picking. Of course you can’t take this strategy too far, as the avocados will eventually pick themselves (fall to the ground and probably  break).
After picking you can store them in a cool place. Some say you can slow ripen  avocados by storing them in the fridge (in the crisper), but others say this will tend to make them mushy.  There does seem to be agreement that if an avocado is ripe, it can be stored in the fridge for a few days.
On the other hand, if you want to ripen avocados quickly, store them in a warm place, wrapped in a brown paper bag or newspaper. It is said that putting an apple, banana or tomato in the bag will produce ethylene gas and speed the ripening process further.
Others swear by the flour ripening method. Put your avocados in a brown paper bag half full of flour. Leave on the counter overnight.
Want to ripen avocados normally? Just leave them on the kitchen counter. The ambient temperature will affect the speed of ripening.

Don’t want brown avocados?

Avocados start to turn brown soon after opening. Put lemon juice on the exposed flesh and / or wrap them in clingwrap to protect them from the air.

And another avocado ripening thing.

Some argue that you should not purchase avocados that rattle when you shake them. They claim that this means the pit is pulled away from the flesh and it is overripe. RUBBISH.
In fact a rattle is a good sign, although some varieties of avocados will never rattle. Generally, it will mean that the avocado has not been picked too early to ripen properly. When in doubt buy a ‘rattler’ avocado. Unless of course it is also too soft.

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