How do you freeze bananas? The short answer is easily, and in many ways. And on top of that, frozen bananas have many uses.
For a start, you can put ripe bananas, unpeeled, unwrapped directly into your freezer.
Or you can put unpeeled, ripe bananas into freezer bags. Either way, the skins of frozen bananas will go brown, but the bananas themselves will come our delicious.
Another alternative is put whole, peeled bananas into  freezer bags.
Or you can slice the bananas, put the slices of a banana or three into a freezer bag.
Or you can mash them, or puree them before putting in freezer bags.
Some people recommend adding a little fresh lemon juice to prevent discolouration.

Frozen bananas – long lasting, many uses

Whatever state in which you choose to freeze your bananas, they will last for many months although, like any frozen food, it better to eat them sooner rather than later.
You can use your frozen bananas to make smoothies (you don’t even need to thaw the frozen slices before putting in blender), banana bread, banana custard, puddings and iced lollies. Bananas can be added to almost another other fruit(s) to creat ‘extra creamy’ smoothies.
A kids treat: chocolate-dipped iced banana lollies. When using frozen bananas to make iced lollies – especially the ‘dipped’ variety – it is a lot less messy to peel the bananas, insert a lolly stick at one end of each banana, before freezing.
When it come to ‘dipping’ you can let you imagination off its leash! Think chocolate of all colours, hundreds and thousands, honey, strawberry puree. Think almost anything!

Three final frozen banana tips

Always allow bananas to ripen before freezing. Unripe bananas will not ripen when removed from the freezer, they will just go off.
If you want pureed banana, try freezing the banana whole, then (when you need it) allow it to thaw, snip a smallish whole in one end and squeeze the banana mush out of the snipped end, a bit like toothpaste.
Buy bananas in bulk, buy them when they are in season and cheap, get into the banana freezing habit and you will never have to throw away a rotten banana again.


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