Wallpaper asserts itself either with bold, vibrant patterns or intricate hand painted designs and instantly adds depth to a room.

Perfect for enlivening tiny spaces with large-scale patterns, wallpaper is a fabulous option for decorating kitchen interiors like breakfast nooks, dining room areas, boudoirs, bathrooms and can even be used on ceilings and floorboards.

Wallpaper gives your living space personality

Gaining popularity in Europe during the Renaissance, wallpaper replaced the large tapestries adorning the homes of societyâ??s elite. Tapestries added colour and provided insulation from icy stone walls, retaining heat in the rooms of most homes but proved expensive for the not-so well-off members of society who could afford the less pricey alternative – wallpaper.

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Wallpaper requires proper surface preparation before application, including the repair of any defects in drywall or plaster and the removal of adhesives.  Usually sold in rolls and available in patterned or plain material that can be painted, wallpaper is not quite suited to areas exposed to steam and moisture, which can cause deterioration.

But donâ??t let that stop you from using it in moderation in the kitchen or bathroom to create the desired effect because once itâ??s no longer appealing, itâ??s relatively easy to remove using steam, perforation and chemical wallpaper strippers depending on the type of material the wallpaper is made of.

Wallpaper has been translated into removable tattooos

A modern trend similar to that of wallpapering is removable wall tattoos that revitalize and transform flat surfaces as equally as wallpaper. Fusing art and interior design to create personalized living spaces, these wall tattoos are usually cut from adhesive vinyl and are made available in predesigned DIY graphics that can be colour customised to suit your décor.

These fancy stickers can be applied to clean, flat surfaces in any spot around the home and can be removed just as easily without a trace, doing away with having to repaint the surface.