Organic Christmas decorations are a softer, natural and alternative choice for the festive season. Not are they kinder to mother earth but fun to make and easier on the budget.

Festive décor neednâ??t always flashy and glittery as more people are incorporating citrus and earth tones as part of an organic Christmas theme in the home.

Organic Christmas decorations complement a real, live tree

Materials for home-made decorations can include popcorn and cranberries, pine cones, feathers, floral foam, fruit, votive candles, beads, sea shells – anything thatâ??s natural and attractive for that matter!

Most artificial trees are made from metals and plastics and are non-biodegradable, which is bad news for the environment whereas a real, live tree can be recycled.

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A popular choice for decorating the Christmas tree is popcorn and cranberry tinsel, which is easy enough to make and ideal for roping the family in. Using a needle threaded with string, carefully pierce popcorn balls (popped popcorn) and frozen cranberries to create a length of string.


Popcorn can also be collected in coloured (orange, red or green) cellophane wrap and fastened with ribbon, which can then be tied to the tree or put to perfect use as a festive ornament.

Make organic Christmas decorations that are family oriented

Family pictures or old Christmas cards glued to cardboard cut-outs in the shape of stars, circles and diamonds make cute Christmas tree medallions and are appropriate for the family oriented holiday. Punch holes in the top and string some ribbon through the top to tie it to the tree, attaching the biggest items first before arranging the smaller ones. Add something special to the tree top, like a gigantic raffia bow.

Light up your home and your tree with a variety of LED lights, as these use about a tenth of the energy that conventional lights do and since they produce no heat, don’t present the fire risk of traditional bulbs.

Add organic arrangements to the key decorating spots in your home like a fir or pine wreath with a beautiful length of ribbon for the front door or a glass vase filled with floral foam and flowers in the dining room. 

Fragrant organic decorations make for a truly festive season

Filling jars with long stemmed feathers, potpourri and sea shells, stacked pine cones and oranges or pomegranate pyramids make for pleasantly fragrant centerpieces on countertops around the home. Another idea is to fill candle holders with cranberries or wooden beads and float flowers on the top.