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We all know what we need to do to get our home and life organised, but just never get around to actually doing it. Here are 3 recommended tips…..

Tip 1: Break things down

In the new course â??Organising your home & Simplifying your lifeâ?? we discover 10 different ways to get you going. One way, which has really worked well for me in both my business and personal life is to break things down into smaller chunks. Instead of these items appearing daily & weekly on your mental or written to-do list, divide them up into smaller logical chunks that are easy to manage. It works like a dream. The task will be so easy that you wonder why you didnâ??t do it earlier. Use this principle when sorting clutter in your home or tackling that large quotation or even your tax return, whatever you have been putting off for a while! 

Tip 2: Tasks/Zones defined

Decide on which tasks are going to be performed in each room and then zone items accordingly. From now on when you find the sellotape in the kitchen, if this is not the zone where it should be kept; and you know that it is kept with the stationery in the office or in the present box with the spare cards & labels, you can get it there. Donâ??t forget to tell the family where things are going to be zoned so they can help out too. 

Tip 3: Identify your hot spots

Identify where the Hot spots in your home or office area are. These are generally those flat surfaces that you never see. It could be the dining table, a coffee table, entrance server, bedside table, corner of a room, a desk, the top of the fridge or the kitchen island. These surfaces manage to attract all sorts of piles. From handbags to papers, receipts, junk mail, magazines, library books, a tennis racket, to jerseys or jackets. As a decorator this is just one of the worst things to see on our beautiful furniture and you canâ??t even see the accessories! Once a hot zone is identified add to your to do list and tackle it soon. (And donâ??t just move the items to another area.) Once you can see the surface space again, make an effort to check that area daily before you go to bed.
Make just one of these changes, and continue to do it for a month and you will have created a wonderful new habit. And enjoy your space!       

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