Last updated on Jan 18th, 2021 at 12:24 pm

Current trends in interior decorating references Moroccan design with a modern twist. The intricate craftsmanship that goes into Moroccan design has been unmatched for centuries and patterns, colours, fabrics, metals and art work create the impression of ancient royalty.

Be it mirrors, lamps, vases and chairs, Guide Home Improvement Online has sourced six essential elements  to suit your preference in terms of this traditional and ethnic style of home décor.

Mosaic Table Tops

Table tops with colourful mosaic patterns, carved inlays or painted designs are a step above the common wooden, metal and glass tables. They are ornate and decorative without needing additional adornment. Moroccan mosaic table tops can be stand alone placements or used with certain lamps and vases of a similar style.  

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Moroccan pottery is still made the old fashioned way. The clay is formed with human hands and finished without going through assembly lines. When you purchase a handcrafted Moroccan vase, you know for sure youâ??re getting an original piece of art. Vases and urns are made of raw, natural material and painted with colourful patterns or stamped with metal.



Interior design would be less interesting without the use of lights. Moroccan home decor includes the use of lamps, chandeliers, lanterns and sconces. The type of design you will want depends on how much light you wish to cast in the room. Lampshades are made from the skin of goats and sheep, stained glass, metal or beads. What varies less is the tone of the colours. The colours of Moroccan home decor are typically earthy and vibrant.  


Mirrors for bedrooms and living rooms are made from henna stained camel bone or metal filigree. Marvellously decorated frames surround large mirrors but if youâ??re opting for a simpler look, choose frames with a solid colour or lacy design.

Room Dividers

Room dividers are the perfect choice for creating privacy whilst being decorative. For an added touch, hang lanterns or a Moroccan star from them. These are perfect for a changing area, to block off corners where children and pets should not go, or even as personal space for an in-home office.

Area Rugs

No room is complete without at least one rug. The traditional designs and rich colours of Moroccan rugs are unique show pieces and perfect for either the floor or hung on the wall as decorative tapestry. Hand-tied original rugs from the Mediterranean are woven in the same manner as the Berber tribes wove them for centuries. These flat-woven and hand-tied rugs make great accents or may be used as a central piece of home décor.

By no means is that all there is to Moroccan home decor. Design incorporates many more accessories, furniture pieces, lighting fixtures and artwork. If you are thinking of redecorating your home, Moroccan design may be an age-old art form, but its appeal is timeless and it comes highly recommended.

Just a few divinely crafted items will make for a tasteful change.