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Capetonian Tracy Lynch has worked as a full-time artist since completing her Masters in Fine Art at Stellenbosch University. She has exhibited her work both here and in London, has been commissioned to paint murals across the world, and has recently added two new titles to her portfolio; mother, and stylist for Elle Decoration spoke to Tracy, to find out more about her: who she is, what sheâ??s passionate about and how she landed her present job… 

What gets you up in the morning? My little girl, and of course a good strong espresso, I canâ??t go without it! 

Your home has been featured in Décor magazines and a Cape Town lifestyle coffee table book. Have you found a look for your own house that youâ??re sticking with, or is it a constantly changing work in progress? 

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My house is a constantly changing space where I play with objects and colour and surround myself with things that I love – it grows and changes as we do; if it were a personality you could say it wears its heart on its sleeve. 

How did you get into working for Elle Decoration and does the job still offer you a degree of the flexibility you had before as a self-employed artist?

I was approached by Karen Roos the editor and Lauren Shantel the sub editor, they were looking for a new stylist and thought I may be interested, yes I am still involved with lots of interesting projects as I work one month for them and one for myself. 

What has been the most interesting place that your work has taken you?

There are quite a few but I would say the most challenging, interesting would be Dubai, a real culture shock!  

Which mural was the most fun to paint? 

Mmm, mural is a word which I try to stay away from as for me it is a little specific and brings to mind ye old Tuscan wall painting. I try and bring a fresh approach to wall painting; my work often has a more contemporary feel. I loved working with Boyd Ferguson on Houtbay Manor, it was fun and new! My most recent Hotel project was also great, a colourful lodge in Zim with giant pattern throughout.  

Are you enjoying looking at the world through childâ??s eyes again, as a new mom?

Yes, its a real challenge but I do feel new and totally inspired. 

Do you think looking at the way your daughter views the world will inspire you as an artist?

I â??m sure it will. I am grateful to be inspired by most things; the world is an amazing place for that.  

Do you believe that youâ??re exactly where youâ??re meant to be now â?? in your personal life, the city you live in, and the work you do….and any plans to change any of it in the near future? 

Wow big question…..I believe all the experiences I have, good and bad have brought me to where I am today. Change is inevitable and I welcome it, so I look forward to new creative adventures and life experiences. I do love what I spend my time doing and see my work as a great friend  

Any style tips for the next season, hot colours for this summer, fabrics or furniture to look out for?  

Read all about it in Elle Decoration, but Eastern is big, budgies and pink…Furniture by Doctor and Misses. Caravans are making a come back! Giant nature and crazy couture for fabrics!