There are several important reasons to save electricity at work and at home: you can save a lot of money, you can help save South Africa, and you can help save the environment. 

How to save electricity at work

The following are a few easy ways to save electricity at work:

  • Switch off geysers

  • Open windows and switch off air conditioning when outside temperature is under 25 degrees C.

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  • Make sure all computers and other power consumers are SHUT DOWN – not left in sleep mode – before leaving work.

  • Make sure all lights are switched off before leaving work

How to save electricity at home 

  • Turn down the temperature of your geyser

  • Blanket geyser to reduce heat loss

  • Have showers not baths

  • Make sure all you bulbs are energy efficient

  • Only operate geyser between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. This will NOT save you money BUT it will help reduce power outages during peak periods (the only ones that really count). 

How to save electricity long term

The ‘best of all’ way to save electricity is to install a solar heating system on your roof. Doing so will save you money in the LONG run but will cost you R15000 – R30000 in the short run. You will win in the end.
BUT Eskom could help save electricity on a major scale if only it would stop TALKING about subsidizing solar heating and get on with introducing an attractive scheme to subsidize the installation of solar heating in homes. Then we would see major electricity saving.
Government? To say the least, it is time government made it easy for the private sector to produce and sell power into the electricity grid – at attractive prices – in other words at the price it will cost Eskom to produce new electricity from NEW power generation plants.
Save, save, save electricity – it is your and every South Africans interest.