Even with access to the best in the business, celebs also have bad hair and make-up moments

Make-up, when applied correctly can make you look like a glowing goddess. Apply it incorrectly and it will leave you looking and feeling like a hot mess. I remember having my make-up done ‘professionally’ for my 28th birthday… it was a disaster and left me looking way older.


The same goes for hair – especially the hairstyle you choose for a special event like your wedding. My stylist advised me to go for a look that was half up and half down with a bit of volume. I ignored her advice and I regret it when I look at my wedding photos. But the pros don’t always get it right either – even those entrusted with making celebrities look their best.

Celebrity hair and make-up blunders

The most common celebrity make-up artist mistakes seem to be overdoing it to the point where the celeb is almost unrecognisable, forgetting to blend in loose white powder, or over-contouring their faces. And, when it comes to hair, the biggest mistakes are wearing a style that is dated, or an unsuitable wig or bad hair extensions.

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