How to balance your diet‘ is an article series all about achieving balance in your diet, and what that looks (and tastes) like. It’s a common phrase, but what does it mean, and how do you do it? Find out here.

How to balance your diet

A ‘balanced’ diet. That’s a term that’s been around since time immemorial. It’s one of those really common things to SAY about nutrition. Things like “I’m just eating a balanced diet and doing some exercise” will roll off the tongues of many fit, healthy people. But what do they mean? And does a balanced diet really achieve positive results the way fad diets proclaim to?

Well, first, what is a balanced HUMAN diet?

Humans are made to be foragers. Years ago we wandered around the bush collecting whatever we could find to eat. Most of the time we’d gather plant foods (fruits, veggies, roots and seeds) and every now-and-then we’d get lucky and catch an animal to cook. We had no access to supermarkets with meat aisles and bakeries.

So a balanced human diet should mostly consist of plant foods, with occasional meat and some grains.

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Does this look like the typical human diet of today? Does this look like your current diet?

I thought not. Most people these days live on meat and starch with a little veg thrown in as a garnish.

So do you think the proper balanced human diet described above would get weight loss results?

Absolutely! Try it, and check my tips every week for more info on how to achieve and maintain balance in your diet into the future …

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