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Life is about to get more expensive, so save some money every month by being able to avoid the green grocer – which is great since veggies are often over-priced and sprayed with all sorts of unmentionables.

Check out these veggies you can grow from scraps and save money in the process…

6 veggies you can regrow from scraps


Put some leftover leaves in a bowl in a small amount of water and continue to mist the leaves for about five days. You will see roots start to grow, which means your leaves are ready for planting. This can also be done with cabbage.

Potatoes and sweet potatoes

Cut up your peels into about 3cm pieces, making sure there are a few eyes in each piece. Dry them out for about 12 hours then plant them about 5-cm deep in some soil – eye facing upwards. You should see be able to harvest your new potatoes in a few months.

Spring onions

When you chop up your spring onions, leave about 3cm from the bottom, then place the spring onion bottoms in some water. They should start to regrow in a few days, and then you’ll be able to reharvest the tops over and over again.


Take out the seeds from the centre that you would usually throw away and plant them in some soil. Make sure they get plenty of sun and regular water and watch them grow!
This can also be done with tomatoes.

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How to regrow avocados

This super food can be incredibly pricey, so growing them at home is a win. Suspend the seed or pip in a container and the lower part of it with water, and make sure it is in a warm place with some sunlight.

After about six weeks you should start to see stems growing out of the bottom; when it reaches 6cm, cut it down to 3cm, and when you see leaves, plant it into the soil, leaving the sop half above the ground. Make sure you have enough space in your garden for a large tree though, because avocado trees are big.


Place the top part of the carrot with the leaves on it in some water. The leaves will continue to grow, and you should see some roots forming, which is when you can plant them. Any root veggie (like turnips and beetroots) can be also regrown this way.