Last updated on Jan 26th, 2021 at 12:45 pm

Cassper Nyovest set a follower straight with an explosive clapback, after the person accused the rapper of ignoring his plea for a donation

It’s no secret that Cassper has a big heart and gives back whenever he can, but that doesn’t mean he will tolerate nonsense on his timeline.

The rapper made this crystal clear when a follower tweeted him, saying he would no longer “waste” his airtime voting for celebs during awards and stuff, because his plea for help to pay his varsity registration money was ignored.

“I give back Papito. You tagged the wrong one. I don’t even have to mention the things I do cause it’s well documented & it comes from the bottom of my heart. Sometimes I give even when I don’t have enough for myself. Here’s the thing though, I do not owe you a cent shem, Not you,” Cassper told the fan.

Within minutes Cassper’s spicy reply caused a debate on his timeline with some fans calling the follower entitled, while others told the rapper there was no need to be rude