Six of the best hairstyles for older women (according to a daughter who is desperate for her mother to cut her hair!)

Let me start this article by saying that my mom is a beautiful woman. But (yes, there’s a ‘but’) at the age of nearly 75, I think wearing her hair long is just dragging her face down. It reaches halfway down her back and it either just hangs or it’s up in a clip. Added to that, she has taken box dye and just rubbed it on her head so it’s not evenly coloured – there’s grey, there’s red, there’s brown… not ideal! My mom refuses to go to a salon and is refusing to cut her hair. She looks stunning when her hair is in a bob but she says that hairstyle is too much hard work.

Simple, elegant short hairstyles for older women are very popular

Short hair is a good foundation for low-maintenance hairstyles which look stylish and if you go to the right hairdresser, they’ll know exactly into which style to cut your hair, in a way that will flatter your face shape and hair type. There’s also lot to be said for a nice, vibrant colour. And, if you want to be natural and keep the grey… grey hair looks super sassy when worn in a shorter hairstyle.

Jane Fonda’s hair always looks wonderful. Take a look through our gallery to see more amazing hairstyles for older women …


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