Regardless of how you celebrate Easter this year, it’s important to make it special for your little ones in whatever way you can

Each year, we try to do something fun with the Easter bunny. I guess you could say that we’re still trying to find our family’s tradition when it comes to Easter.

So far, our Easter must-haves consist of:

  • Hot cross buns
  • Some form of excitement regarding the Easter bunny
  • An Easter egg hunt
  • And, of course, a silly amount of chocolate

I started looking around for some cute Easter bunny fun ideas for us to implement (don’t you just love Pinterest?) and these are the top ideas I stumbled upon:

Build up to Easter fun

As you know, half the fun of annual festivities is the build up to the event. In our house, we do this in two ways:

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1. Easter treats

Making fun bunny cookies and allowing the girls to help make them or help ice them is a big part of our Easter madness. Some Easter treats your kids might enjoy:

  • Easter truffles
  • Easter cinnabons
  • Easter chocolate moulds

Just alter the activity depending on the age and ability of your child.

2. Easter crafts

Even at 18 months or two years, there are loads of crafts your kids can do to celebrate the coming of Easter!

Some Easter crafts your children may enjoy:

  • Finger painting on a bunny stencil you’ve cut out
  • Sticking marshmallows onto a glue outline
  • Draining and painting eggs

On Easter day

Easter day is the magical day of chocolatey goodness for all kids. Here are some ideas to make it even more special.

1. Easter bunny footprints

This may take a bit of work and planning… and cleaning up afterwards! But I think it might just be worth it.

Use icing or castor sugar or silver glitter to make a path in and around the house and garden.

2. Easter bunny letter

Let the Easter bunny leave a letter with a few hints and tips on where to find the eggs. It could also include notes on different wrappings for specific children. If you have older and younger kids, it’s a good idea to use a different coloured egg for each one to ensure no one misses out if they don’t find their eggs quickly enough.

3. Easter bunny clues

“Plant” some Easter bunny clues around the house/garden. A scrap of fabric from his dungarees or some cotton wool left where he sat to write the note will rev up the imagination of the children.

4. Easter bunny photos

I knew a mom who always told her kids that they had ‘just’ missed the Easter bunny. Then she would tell them what he was wearing or layout his route to them. In a digital age, you could take some photos with blurred cotton tails or some whiskers sticking out behind the counter to prove your story’s worth.

Easter for older kids

  • What about a glow-in-the-dark Easter egg hunt on the Friday or Saturday night? Simply spray the eggs with glow-in-the-dark spray. (I would test this before the big day to make sure they’re ‘findable’.)
  • Grab a few local moms and dads or some family and organise an Easter egg amazing race. It will take some planning and foresight, but it’ll be well worth your while for a memory they are sure to treasure.

Regardless of how you celebrate Easter this year, it’s important to make it special for your little ones in whatever way you can. They are little for such a short time – even though it may currently feel like forever!