With South Africa facing water pressure all around, is using a waterless hand sanitiser a good way to do your bit for water conservation?

While they can be a great way to banish germs, there is some concern that they can also contribute to antibiotic resistance, so choose your brand carefully.

Opt for one using 60% alcohol as a base, rather then antibiotic components – they work just as well (they’re hospital grade, in fact) and don’t increase the risk of superbugs.

It’s important to realise, too, that while sanitiser will help kill all germs and bacteria on your hands, it will not have an impact on dirt or organic matter – opt for a wash under the tap if you see visible dirt. You only need a 10c-sized drop in your hand (or a single wet wipe) to be effective.

Rub your hands together vigorously, until the sanitiser is absorbed or the wipe dries, for it to work correctly.

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Hand sanitiser is not only a great germ-buster, but also helps you save water at the same time. Win-win all around!