Elegant statement chairs can help transform a bland living room into a sophisticated space

Are you cautious about using lots of colour in your home? Fortunately, statement chairs need not be bold or overly colourful.

This is according to furniture specialist and co-owner of Mobelli Furniture + Living, Alon Sachs.

“Although bold colours and patterns draw attention, the materials used and the design of the piece tell its own story. A subtle, elegant piece makes the same statement and adds character and personality,” he says.

Here are Sachs’s top four tips to consider when purchasing a statement chair:

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Revert to retro

If your home’s décor is modern and contemporary, add a retro statement piece to your space. Instantly, it adds a touch of style to the most simply designed areas.

“Though it’s largely thought that statement chairs are all about style, comfort is as important and should never be overlooked when choosing furniture,” says Sachs.

Who said three is a crowd

Consider placing two statement chairs opposite a sofa for that coordinated look.

Sachs recommends getting those creative juices flowing by exploring with mixed materials to add a bit of extra flair to the area.

Contrast is in

Pair two completely different pieces together, like soft and puffy sofas with an armchair that has clean lines and an elegantly designed statement chair or two.

Mixed material is on-trend this year and it allows you to play around with sleek frames and woven fabric.

“Get creative and add those strokes of colour, patterns or textures to your space while still sticking to your individual style and preference – it’s 100 percent doable,” Sachs says.

Create an indoor area that reflects your personality, think of a statement chair as a ‘touch of difference’, and difference need not be extravagant

Scale is key

Consider your space when decorating and adding new pieces. Getting the balance right is extremely important, especially when matching up a large sofa with a small chair.

“Make your space work for you by incorporating smaller, sleeker pieces and by doing so make space for a compact coffee or side table,” he says.

Add your own twist

Create an indoor area that reflects your personality. Think of a statement chair as a “touch of difference”, and difference need not be extravagant. Stick to what works, and with pieces that reflect personal style.

“Statement pieces are on-trend the world over. They enhance an indoor area by adding interest to the space and help to create a cohesive and coordinated look quite easily. There’s a bonus too – statement pieces are guaranteed to turn heads,” Sachs says.

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