A receding hairline is something no one wants, but sometimes the things we do every day could be causing damage to our hairlines.

Are you inadvertently damaging your hairline? These 5 factors might be the cause of your receding hairline:

1. Very tight hairstyles

This is the number-one culprit for hairline loss. Traction alopecia is unfortunately very common. Tight braids, cornrows or weaves that pull on the scalp for long periods of time put too much pressure on the hair follicles. If left untreated, this can cause permanent hair loss.

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2. Crash diets

Links between certain diets and hair loss have also been established. Crash dieting can rob your body of nutrients that are necessary for hair growth. If your diet is causing your receding hairline, you may also notice thinning of your all over your scalp, not just on your hairline.

3. Medication

Unfortunately, the medication we take to feel better can also have unwanted side-effects of thinning hair or hair loss. Some contraceptives, antibiotics and anti-depressants can make your hairline recede.

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4. Stress

Extreme levels of stress are never good for your health and it’s certainly not good for your hairline. Stress can disturb your hormones which will eventually affect your hairline and the rest of your scalp.

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5. Chemicals

Chemicals in hair products like relaxers can cause your hairline to recede if used incorrectly and too frequently. It won’t only damage the hair follicles, which might result in permanent hair loss, but also damage your skin.

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