Last updated on Jun 23rd, 2021 at 02:22 pm

Luxury hand and bath range Vinolia has extended their Sandalwood range to include a rich 500ml Foam Bath complimenting the Sandalwood stylish hand wash and elegantly presented soap bar.

Sandalwood has a lovely warm, rich and wooded scent and has been a favourite with Vinolia lovers for years.

Sandalwood is a special type of aromatic wood that is known for its medicinal and calming properties, and is the perfect choice for a relaxing and “healing” bath after a long day.

For centuries, Sandalwood has been used in many cultures. In the Hindu religion Sandalwood is considered holy and it is used in all religious rituals, from the birth of a baby, as an offering to Hindu Gods and to decorate children on their birthdays.

Prize: WIN 1 of 6 Vinolia hampers worth R1000 each!

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