Mansplaining is commonplace in the second-hand car market. No matter how clued up you are about cars, motoring trends, or mechanics, you’re bound to encounter a knowledgeable, or not-so-knowledgeable, man with an opinion he needs to share…

So, rather than wading through a swamp of unwanted man-attention, here are the easiest ways to sell your car without doing loads of work:

Use a middleman service

There are a number of middleman service providers, like WeBuyCars, Car2Cash, or the Nigerian version Car45. So let’s just say there’s no shortage of options here. But what exactly is the service they offer?

A middleman service will ask you to fill out a short online form describing your car and its condition, you will also be required to submit photos of it, along with your desired asking price.

After the form is completed, the middleman service will send out a professional car buyer who will take a closer look at the vehicle. If he or she (get a she) is happy with its condition they’ll make you an offer.

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If you accept, they’ll do the change of ownership and re-registering of the vehicle for you at the traffic department.

It’s a tried and tested model with some modern streamlining (thanks internet), and is an extremely convenient service.


Nothing is as exciting as watching your item on the auction block going for more than you bargained on. While it isn’t a guarantee that your car will go for more than it is worth, all vehicles that go under the hammer are sold ‘as is’. This means you’re not liable for faults or required to fix your automobile.

As soon as the sale is concluded, it is the buyer’s obligation to fix any issues. If your car doesn’t get your asking price there’s nothing to worry about as you can set a reserve price, which is a minimum price point for the sale.

However, before you rush off, know that you will be required to pay a nominal fee to the auction house for admin and paperwork.

What about an online auction?

In the modern world we’re blessed with options. If you were keen on a mixture of the options above, like getting a middleman to put your car up for auction, for free, well, you’re in luck.

Services like, which for the moment is only available in the Johannesburg area, will create a profile of your car on the online auction used exclusively by dealerships. At the end of the auction you’re offered the top offer. If you accept, they’ll give you the cash and complete the rest of the paperwork for you – at no cost.

To use this service you’ll need to fill out an online form, and wait for the broker to come and photograph your car. The broker uploads the pictures and details to the online auction platform, and once proceedings are complete, phones you with the highest prices, which you can choose to accept or reject.

What was once an experience guaranteed to fling you into the epicentre of testosterone can now be achieved without any mansplaining – also, once the sale is complete you’ll be walking away with cash in your pocket.