Interior doors are more important to the overall feel of interior spaces than you may have thought…

Doors create a tactile experience that any homeowner will come into contact with a number of times every day, which will leave a significant impression.

“Beautiful internal doors remain one of those subtle design necessities that can make a really big difference to the overall impression of your home – both aesthetically and from a more physical experience,” says Cobus Lourens from leading window and door manufacturer, Swartland. “Aside from the floor and countertop surfaces in your home, internal doors remain one of the most common elements that will be experienced through daily touch.”

He says that, if you’re upgrading your home’s interior, selecting new interior doors is an important step.

“You need to consider things such as style, materials, soundproofing and door swing, amongst others, when making your choice.”

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Top internal door trends:

Lourens says that being aware of the latest interior door trends could also help make the selection process a little easier.

Trend 1: Flexible is key 

Open-plan floor plans are certainly not a new trend, however, with open-plan designs, the openings between different spaces are getting ever wider.

“To accommodate these increasingly widening spaces between rooms, internal doors that can divide the spaces when required, but then also open the space up into one seamless open-plan layout, are becoming increasingly sought after. It’s all about providing flexibility in space defining functionality – doors such as interior bi-fold doors and sliding doors all offer the ability to quickly and effortlessly divide a space when needed or keep it open,” says Lourens.

Trend 2: Internal glazed doors

There has been a marked uptick in the use of internal glazed doors, such as single- or cottage-frame doors for example.

“Glazed internal doors are being used in homes as a means of spreading more natural light throughout the home. Obviously, in rooms where privacy is an issue, such as bedrooms and bathrooms, they are not the ideal choice. However in all the other rooms, including kitchens, living rooms, hallways, lounges, living rooms, home studies, and so on – glazed internal doors are a clever way to brighten up your interiors,” says Lourens.

“If you would like the influx of natural light, but you still want a little privacy, you can opt for sand-blasted or opaque glazing instead of clear glazing.”

Trend 3: As nature intended

Solid wood doors remain an incredibly popular option.

“We can call this a trend, but we can also call it an ‘untrend’, as solid wood doors have never really ‘gone out of fashion’ so to speak,” says Lourens.

“They are strong and durable – able to withstand a lot of wear and tear – and they look beautiful. Whether they complement a home with traditional and classical interiors, or one that is sleek and modern – the beauty and warmth of solid wood doors with their natural grain on display, stand as features in their own right.”

Trend 4: Making a statement

Traditionally, internal doors have, for the most part, been unobtrusive features that blend in seamlessly with their surrounds. However, increasingly more homeowners and designers are including internal doors that stand out as features in their own right.

“Gone are the days when internal doors took on a ‘behind the scenes’ role – today, there are internal doors that boast standout features and craftsmanship that will add interest and appeal to any interior space they grace. It’s including these kinds of world-class finishes whenever possible that really distinguishes a high-end home from the rest,” concludes Lourens.

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