We never intentionally decide to overeat. None of us goes out of our way to consume thousands of calories on purpose… ‘it just happens’

Then one day we look at ourselves in the mirror and wonder where it all went wrong.

Many of my clients say they can’t understand how they gained weight since they only ever ate when they were ‘hungry’.

Hunger is an interesting thing. Often, when you feel hungry you are actually thirsty.

Trick ‘foods’

There are also foods that can ‘trick’ you into thinking you’re hungry and you need more calories, when you actually DON’T! These are the kinds of foods that contain ‘empty’ calories – they don’t provide any actual nutrition, and so your body thinks it’s hungry. But what it’s actually craving is vitamins and minerals so that it can function properly!

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Here are some of those foods. Try to avoid them if possible!

1. Artificially sweetened foods

Foods that have been artificially sweetened (especially low-calorie foods) are going to leave you feeling hungry because your body recognises the sweet taste as food, but the lack of nutritional calories leaves it wanting more. Instead of artificially sweetened foods go for unsweetened foods and add sweetness (if you need it) through honey and/or cinnamon.

The bottom line is you should always be eating REAL food. Not something that is made in a factory to ‘look’ like food. If you want a sweet snack, eat a fruit, not a ‘sugar-free’ candy bar.

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