Find fun ways to teach your child good hygiene habits

Here are some fun ways in which you can teach your child to maintain good hygiene habits.

Play a trivia game

Make a list of all the hygiene habits that your child already engages in, those that are bad and those that you would like him or her to engage in. Mix the list up and ask you child to identify whether the habits are good or bad. Don’t forget to give your child a treat at the end of the game and discuss whichever habits he doesn’t understand.

Play charades

Charades are a fun game that many children love to play. Try enacting correct as well as incorrect hygiene practices and your child has to say whether it is right or wrong.

Make worksheets

Make fun worksheets that ask your child questions on personal hygiene habits. The worksheets can also include colour in pictures for your child to colour in.

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Remember that it is important for your child to learn and maintain good hygiene habits from a young age. This will help them stay in good health so be a good role model yourself!

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