Baby formula. Anyone who has had a baby will know that formula stains, especially the ones that are soy based. They are the very devil to get off garments, bibs and blankies, etc. Often after the washing process, a ring is left around around the stain.

Mix some vinegar with a few drops of garlic oil. This breaks down the remaining protein and the stain will go. Tenderizer will do the same. If the marks are very fresh, rubbing them immediately with baby wipes works too.

Chocolate. A paste of borax and water, spread thickly over the stain/s and left to dry for an hour or so, will have removed the marks when you wash the garment normally.

Mustard. Because mustard contains turmeric, the stains will be like a bright yellow dye. As soon as possible, apply glycerine and leave to stand for at least half-an-hour. Then gently work in some liquid or powder laundry washing soap and wash as usual.

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Rust. A paste of lemon juice and salt can work. Pour boiling water over the spot where the paste is. A time-tested remedy from our grandmothers is to soak the fabric in a cooled â??teaâ? made from about three sticks of rhubarb in three cups boiling water.

Source: The Naturally Clean Home. Karyn Siegel-Maier