Losing weight is generally seen as something people do purely for the sake of their appearance…

Very few dieters (except some of the seriously overweight ones who have been told to do so by doctors) are in it to gain health benefits. Usually, they are a welcome ‘side-effect’ rather than the main goal.

But taking note of the added benefits of losing just a few extra kilos could help you stick to your goals, and be a motivating factor when the going gets tough. The health benefits you get along the way are just as important to celebrate as the eventual goal.

Did you know that losing as little as 5kg can earn you some pretty amazing health-related rewards while you work toward your final bikini body?

Here are my top five:

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1. Feel better emotionally

People who are depressed and overweight note an increase in happiness and suffer less from their depression once they have lost some weight – usually around 8%.

This increase in happiness is attributed to the individuals feeling better about their appearance, and feeling proud of their achievements as well as a change in the ‘happiness’ chemicals in their bodies. According to studies, the improved happiness remains as long as the weight stays off.

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