Leggings are a fashion staple. They’re forgiving if you’ve gained a little weight, allow you to get by without shaving your legs and can be worn in a number of ways. But are you wearing them correctly?

Follow these tips to wear leggings perfectly now!

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First, choose the right leggings

When it comes to leggings, they need to fit perfectly. Too tight and you’ll expose more than you should, too loose and you’ll look frumpy. The perfect pair of leggings should fit like a second skin without exposing lumps and bumps. They should allow you to move freely without restraining you.

Because there are a number of options on offer, choosing the right pair can be tough. Toss out any leggings that are threadbare or see-through.

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Your look needs to be balanced

When in doubt, opt for full-length leggings in basic black, this will help you look slimmer and taller and give you maximum outfit options.The number one mistake women make when wearing leggings, is wearing the wrong top.

As a general rule of thumb, your top should always be a longer length when you wear leggings. It should sit past your hip at the very least and preferable cover your bum.

Layered looks such as a longer cardigan over a Henley top work well with leggings as do dresses and tunics.

Wear leggings with oomph

For a fashion-forward take on things consider leggings in a printed or textured fabric. Leather-look leggings are making a comeback (just look at these New York Fashion Week trends if you don’t believe us) and are easy to style, as are jeggings.

When it comes to printed leggings, remember to keep your top plain for a balanced look. You can also go for leggings with interesting details such as rips, lace edging and mesh cut-outs.

Other fool-proof tips when wearing leggings

  • Wear seamless underwear to avoid visible panty lines.
  • Don’t wear leggings with crop tops unless you’re heading to the gym.
  • When it comes to shoes, anything goes. Leggings look great with heels, boots, flats and wedges.