‘What to do if you have a LOT of weight to lose’ is a series of articles dedicated to the seemingly daunting task of losing lots of weight – think 30kg or more. If you are in this boat then this is the strategy for you. Follow the steps week by week and you’ll soon be on the path to a THINNER and (more importantly) HEALTHIER you.

Avoid ALL of these except…

There has been TONS of focus in the diet world lately about the evils of sugar. If you didn’t know better you could be forgiven for thinking that it REALLY is worse for you than COCAINE like all those ‘studies’ say (it’s really not, it’s just bad for your weight – cocaine is bad for your LIFE).

While I’m definitely not as anti-sugar as many of the fashionable diet gurus out there, I will say that eating foods high in sugar is really not helping you if you are trying to lose weight. But the reason for it is quite specific.

Sugary foods tend to send overweight people (who are generally very sensitive to the effects of sugar) into a bit of a ‘food coma’ wherein they become like eating zombies. I know this because it happens to me. Eating a little sugar doesn’t seem possible. If I start eating chocolate I find it hard to stop until there’s no more chocolate. This is mostly due to the sugar in the chocolate. This is why avoiding sugar is a good idea if you’re trying to lose weight. Because a little sugar every now-and-then won’t kill you, but you may be unable to have ONLY a little.

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Interestingly the one group of ‘sugary’ foods that doesn’t create the coma effect is fruit.

Fruit is high in fibre, and contains a different kind of ‘sugar’ to the kind found in chocolate etc…

In any case, if you want something sweet have a fruit or three. You’ll enjoy it and it won’t have any of the negative spin-off effects. Fruit is good for you. That’s the bottom line!

Note: Drinking fruit juice is not the same as eating fruit. Many fruit juices have added flavourants, colourants and sugars, and don’t include the valuable fibre found in fresh fruit. Stick to fresh fruit, and you’ll be well on your way to dropping the kilos and living a healthy lifestyle…

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